TOP 5 Careers with a Degree in Aviation

1.Director of Aerospace Program Management

The director of aerospace program management is responsible for company profits, strategies and contracts to build aircrafts. In order to pursue a job in this career it is necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and preferably a MBA in business. The average salary for a director of aerospace program management is $150,000.2

2. Flight engineers or airline pilots (copilots) various types of aircrafts. The responsibility of the airline pilot or copilot is to monitor all of the systems of the aircraft and ensure that any malfunctions or possible errors are fixed prior to, during and after take-off.  They must monitor all flight controls, hydraulics, pressurization and air conditioning, eclectics, protection against overheating and fires, as well as fuel.  When it comes to education, it is becoming increasingly more popular for pilots to obtain their bachelor degrees from a civilian flight school. Most pilots learn to fly during their time in the military. The average salary for a flight engineer is $100,000 per year.

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3.An aerospace project engineer can work on all types of projects that include aircrafts that stay on earth or go out to space.  The project engineer’s lead teams of people and insure that all the task necessary for particular projects get done in an orderly and timely fashion. The projects usually involve the science, design and construction of various air and space crafts. The type of education needed to be an aerospace project engineer is a bachelor degree in different fields of engineering (preferably aerospace engineering) or some other science related to aerospace systems.  Project managers usually make about $82,000 per year.

4.Aircraft Maintenance Manager

An aircraft maintenance manager hires trains and manages a staff of technicians. They ensure that regular maintenance is performed on aircrafts and that everything meets standard regulations. Most employees in this career field have a bachelor of science in aviation maintenance management. The average salary is $75,000

5.Air Traffic Controller

Being an air traffic controller is considered a high stress level job because of all of the responsibility being put on one person. They are required to make sure that all aircrafts keep a safe distance from each other and ensure that all aircrafts move smoothly and safely on and off the ground.  They must make swift and accurate decisions based off of weather conditions, traffic volume, equipment and configurations. Air traffic controllers require an associate’s degree as well as an air traffic management degree from the FAA, take the pre-employment test with the FAA (federal aviation administration), and must start out under the age of 31. The average salary for an air traffic controller is $109,000 per year.