Tips to improve your Charisma: essay for WriteMyEssaylooza contest

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The other day I was talking with a friend about the main quality of a politician in order to convince the crowds.

“He must be a good communicator” I originally said.
“He must be an excellent speaker” ‘he replied.

Then we move the discussion a little bit further and we both agree that:
He must have charisma.

You just have to think about your president and how he got there. For this examples let’s take president Obama.

2008 and there were to candidates in the USA about to lead their country, on the one hand, we had Mccain 72 years old a veteran military and Barack Obama 48 years old majored in political science, while Mccain look like an old and serious senator , Barack Obama look like a young and nice guy , Many people said at that time :

He looks attractive, sounds different, speaks different, looks further , thispropose change and hope

And besides thesevalues he was charismatic. Charisma to seduce and succeed. Charisma can always help you with your relationships. Charisma can be defined as the ability to seduce or influence others. It naturally attracts the eye of people. The charismatic person feels the strength of his conviction. Charisma is an important resource for Successful Living.

Qualities of Charismatic People

-They are enthusiastic .
-They feel comfortable with their skin .
-They do not worry about what others think of them .
-They are experts at what they do .
-Symbolize what other people want .

Tips to improve your Charisma:


As we already said , it is essential in seduction to give a positive self-image that reflects your mood. First, you have to know yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? And accept them. You have a particular physical attribute eg. (Take that for a man, you have a big voice), well apply them and it will set you apart from the crowd.

2.Improve your look.

The first criterion of charisma lies in the eye. Always look the person you are talking to in the eye. Just long enough to generate emotions on him. Not too long not to embarrass him or seem intrusive.


Improve your voice at home by reading aloud an article or a topic you passionne.Articules are the best breaks and made respecting punctuation. Re-read it several times . The more you do the reading aloud, you will have more of eloquence. Singers, comedians work their voice. Do the same and when you speak, your speech is clear .It is about mastering your voice, you will quickly increase your charisma.


Stand up straight at all times. When you walk in the street, do not look to the floor, straighten up and look good in front of you. This instantly improve your appearance . Have a look impeccable. When you move, be dynamic, self-confident, and a style in which you are comfortable.

5.You are interested in their problems

Be genuinely curious. Ask questions about their passions, their projects, their occupations, their famille.Pratice active listening always remember you have two ears and one mouth. Try to retain as much information as you can about people you meet. This will increase your power of concentration and memory. Another important point: the first name, because people love to be called by their first name. You must make people feel important to your contact.

6.Become a trusted person

Do not lie, keep your words . Remember that confidence is the main value on business or in politics or whatever your profession is . Arrive on time for your appointments and keep your commitments. So others will know that you are reliable, they can rely on you and trust you.

7.Charisma can be learned

The charisma is a skill that works. But you know that you can improve your skills by practicing and making a daily effort. Charisma and personal magnetism do not come overnight. If you want to influence others, you must practice it everyday.