Creating Your Profile

Maybe there’s something you can you know suggest to your boss maybe it could be a deal or a project that is quite challenging that nobody you know like it hasn’t made any progress like look for opportunities you know like maybe you you are covering you’re like an equity researcher and you’re covering a particular space and maybe there’s a space that an associate left and there’s a void right maybe you can take something on find a way to create value and don’t stop there and you know and as you do that you’re going to be recognized within your firm and more opportunities will be given to you so and what you’re able to do ultimately is that you able to create a profile for yourself of being someone who would take initiative who would step up who would lead and that’s what admissions people are looking for ultimately at the end of the day right.

So now I want to tell you you know you know I wish I could say oh well I don’t wish but I you know everything we do it exploded it’s not Shyama it’s like the team I have a fabulous team of amazing admissions consultants many of whom have been with expertise for years you know from you know some seven years eight nine ten eleven years it’s just been extraordinary and we’ve been around for you know over a decade you know going into fifteen fifty year this summer and it’s really exciting to see you know the passion that our team mates have for this work they love love love what they do some of them are I have admissions experience some of them have you know interviewed as alumni and you know they’ve all come from top MBA programs they have expertise using the personal branding system and expertise I personally train everybody and we operate as a you know as an admissions team in the sense that you know we leverage everybody’s expertise so Rob could be working with a client but he might have you know ray Han take a look at the application just to look for blinders you know to kind of weigh in.

Is there anything else that we’re not thinking about when it comes to interview prep it’s very it’s quite standard at X part is that we would help every so every client who is a client who’s worked on you know who’s worked with us on a clear school package so on a school package basis you know there’s no time limit there’s no we work with individuals till they get done you know within the admissions season so some clients start out thinking they’re going to do rounds one and then they realize you know like oh gosh you know what for some reason maybe personal reason work reason they have to go round two we keep working with them so they’re done you know and we are a boutique we don’t take on everybody we you know we want individuals who are not just looking to tweak their application.